Inspired By

No two projects are alike, each bespoke to the individual and site. However sometimes a new client falls in love with a previous project and it becomes the inspiration for the next. Here is a look at one project that inspired another.

The first is an Edwardian condo in the Castro. In this house, we opened the kitchen to the living room and removed an old back porch to make an outdoor deck. The back of the house was opened up to create an entertaining space while maintaining the overall railroad layout. There is an adjacent casework lined library and media space for quiet use. The details are traditional but ever so slightly tweaked, not so much that you would notice on first glance but enough to make you smile when you do.

Photographer Ed Ritger
Contractor Aaron Gordon Construction

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The second project is in a large downtown San Francisco Beaux Art building. The original layout of the condo remains intact with the kitchen cordoned off for a discreet cooking space but not for entertaining. There is also a casework lined library adjacent to the living and dining space, but in this home, this library room takes center stage for entertaining with a full service wet bar.

Both residences make ample use of wall paper and dramatic elements. One tongue in cheek and one just a little opulent. Similar but not the same. Each in keeping with the place and the people.

Photographer Joseph Schell
Contractor MT DEVCo

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